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State Golf Committee 2018
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Interested in a Position on The State Golf Committee?
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State Golf Chairman Secretary Treasurer
Jerry Strain

Jack Glenn

Bob Mannell


Operations Committee Members

John Harrison
North Coast Div 1

John Harrison

Peter Morelli
South Valley/Sierra Div 2

Peter Morelli

William Ikerd
S. Coast Div 3


Stephen Johnson
S. Valley/Sierra Div 4


"Butch" Evans
South Div 5


Policy Sub-Committee Chairman


Policy Sub-Committee Members

Jerry Strain
State Golf Chairman

Dan Powell


Mark Stuart

Ex-officio Golf Committee Member
SIR Vice-President
Ed Benson




Openings occur for new members to be appointed to the SIR State Golf Committee at various times.  If you have an interest in becoming a member, please do the following:

Read the general qualifications that the SIR State Golf Committee and SIR State Board of Directors would expect of committee members printed below.  All Committee appointments are made by the SIR State President. 


I.  General qualifications desired for recommendation as a regular Committee member:

A.     Member in good standing at his Branch.
B.  Endorsement for a potential SSGC appointment from Branch Big SIR or Area Governor.
C.  Strong interest in promoting SIR and SIR Golf activities.
D.  Leadership skills.
E.      Current or prior golf organizational experience, e.g. Branch Golf Committee member; SIR Area Golf Chairman; similar responsibilities such as Tournament Chairman in a non-SIR organization.
F.      Other related personal skills deemed appropriate by interested individual(s) for an SSGC member.

II.  Personal skills/capabilities generally necessary or which can be easily learned for most positions on the SSGC:

A.     Computer literate with online internet capability at home.
B.     General knowledge of :

1.     Computer spreadsheet application, e.g., Microsoft Excel.
2.     Computer word processing application, e.g., Microsoft Word.

Next, click on Manual and Forms, open the State Golf Manual and read the duties of the various committee members.

If you are still interested in becoming a member of the committee in either a specific position or any position in general, send an email to the current SIR State Golf Committee Chairman and provide him with a statement of your interest and qualifications.

Electronic mail
If you are a member of SIR and would like to be added to our email list, Please send us your name and Branch:  webmaster

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