About The Sons in Retirement

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If you are not devoting full time to your career and can come to our monthly luncheon meetings, you are eligible for membership in SIR. Membership is open to all men, regardless of age, race, national origin or religion. From its inception in 1958, SIR has grown to over 20,000 members with 150 branches from Bakersfield to the Oregon border.

Invited outside speakers choose general interest subjects for our monthly luncheon meetings. SIR branches also have special events that include ladies and other guests.  There are many activities that our branches do,

We have activities that our members want.
We Have Lots Of Fun
What are some of the things we donít do?

We donít raise money. We donít have a political agenda. We donít have a religious orientation. We donít sell light bulbs or anything else. We donít have dues as voluntary member contributions keep us going. We donít have a problem with organizations that do these things, its just that we donít.

You have paid your dues to the business world - itís time to enjoy life.

"I  already have an NCGA number, why do I have to join the SIR NCGA Golf Club?Ē

SIR has some great golf opportunities! 

Most of our Branches have an NCGA Associate Golf Club.  They usually play once a week at various local courses. Members enjoy playing with people from their own Branch as well as from other Branches in many different formats, Low Net, Best Ball, Scramble, etc.

Additionally we offer away tournaments for all SIR NCGA Branch golf members.

Each year we schedule several two or three day tournaments in various locations e.g. Las Vegas, Reno, Solvang, San Diego, etc.  We try to vary the locations from year to year to give our members a variety of golf experiences.  Golf tournaments and side trips are also provided for the Ladies, should they want to accompany you.

We also hold a State Scramble Team Championship in August and an Individual Net Championship in October. Area and Division qualifying tournaments are held at various locations to determine participation in these two State Championships.  These tournaments are organized by the SIR State Golf Committee made up of 12 members from all of the SIR Golf Divisions.  Check the State Golf Schedule on our golf website for current information.  Come join us!  All tournaments are handicapped and flighted.  Itís fun for golfers of all abilities.